The Fifth Factor: a practical approach to harmony

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Harmony does not need to be boring or difficult. This book shows that it can be both understandable and fun. There are no tricky assignments to do or dry rules to memorize. The emphasis is on experimenting with sounds, through listening and improvisation. This way, the theory finds its way into your hands and heart – not just your head. This new method guides you step by step through all aspects of harmony, in a clear and engaging way. 

Suitable for both classical musicians and fans of popular music. No prior knowledge is required.

With an understanding of harmony, you will find it easier to learn new compositions. Your musical imagination will grow. You will learn to transpose, compose and improvise. Playing by heart will become much more easy. Also, you gradually will understand composers better, in a more ‘intimate’ way: because you will be familiar with the basics of composing. Ultimately, you will be able to grasp music on a deeper level, with greater awareness and freedom.


What does the press say?


‘A book that piano teachers and many advanced students can thoroughly enjoy.’

De Pyramide

Music magazine

‘The Fifth Factor by Robijn Tilanus is a book that finally succeeds in explaining harmony and music theory in an intriguing way. … exceptional … Give it a try!’

Het clavecimbel

Music magazine

‘The recently published book by Ruby Tilanus is truly unique in its kind’

Piano Bulletin

Music magazine

‘This book is a hit!’ ‘It is a remarkable achievement to write on a subject such as harmony at the piano in a way that is both original and refreshing.’

Willem Brons

Former President EPTA, Dutch division


Product Information


Broekmans & Van Poppel


319 pages


Robijn Tilanus


7th edition



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