Making music is one of the biggest joys of life.
Music can give you energy, lift you up, move you, comfort you and make you immensely happy.

“The goal of music is to help people live” – Frances Bebey

However, unfortunately, a lot of people are frustrated in their way of making music. A lot of people long to be able to improvise, but they don’t dare. And a lot people think “I am not good enough”, or “What I do, does not mean that much”. And when someone asks them to “play a little something”, they clamp up.

It’s my passion to make you experience how wonderful it is to make music. How great it is to improvise. I love to make you feel the joy of following your musical imagination. The freedom of just ‘letting things go’, and expressing your feelings. It’s my passion to make you feel the joy of making music from your heart.

I express my passion in four different ways:

  • At the Improvisation Academy Amsterdam I give training sessions, master classes, workshops and private lessons, in which I coach people to tap into their source of creativity (which is present in every human being) and to let their creativity flow abundantly.
  • In my book on harmony The Fifth Factor I describe the method I developed to adopt harmony (the “grammar” of music) in a playful and accessible way. In my book on improvisation FREE PLAY I teach people to improvise in a free way, in their own style. 
  • My compositions are an open invitation to freedom and improvisation.
  • During my performances people can let themselves be touched by very personal, on the spot improvisations.

You are very welcome to explore if this appeals to you!