“Working with Robijn, I investigate all possibilities to make music from my toes and with all my faculties. Every lesson from Robijn is a surprise, so that I make and experience music from a different perspective. Her lessons inspire me in other areas, too. For instance, if taking a certain direction, I arrive at making music in an original way, I can just as well take that direction in my work or in my private life.”

Doina Kraal, artist


“I have played the piano all my life and have reached a nicely advanced level. However, I was too much stuck to the notes. If someone asked me: ‘Just play something’, I was cramped.

So I took improvisation lessons from Robijn.

What does it bring me:

  • I have indeed come loose from the notes.
  • If people ask me ‘Just play something’, I start improvising (and get most amusing reactions: ‘Is this Satie?’, ‘No, it’s me’).
  • Physically and psychologically I feel more comfortable at the piano.
  • I make music more from my passion.
  • I learn to reach and touch deeper layers of my personality and make music from there.

Robijn is a warm personality with whom you can safely work on your musical growth.”

Jeroen van Dijk, trainer / nursing teacher


“Robijn works from within. To her, the basis of music making is emotion. From there tones come and so, music develops. I leave her lesson fired up with enthusiasm every time. Robijn transmits so much inspiration and enthusiasm, that I sit behind the piano at home more and more to shake off the day.”

Pauline Stokman, mental health psychologist


“For years I have learned to play the piano rapidly and technically. But I was stuck to the notes. I didn’t know how to improvise and I didn’t dare to try. I had no idea how I could ever make something out of that. Something of my own, that I would appreciate and love. Nor did I understand what I was playing. I was just very busy playing the written notes, without understanding anything of it. It was as if I was reading books for years, without understanding the words. Reading every word loud out (and fast), I could read the book without mistakes, but completely without understanding. Also, I was lacking freedom. And this after  17 years of piano playing! I had no hope that this would ever change.

Right now, I know better. Through Robijn’s lessons, I have started to experience the piano in a complete new way. She teaches me to listen to music and the piano in a different way. Robijn also has taught me the theory of harmony, so, finally, I understand what I am doing. I now appreciate much more of the music I am playing. And I learn to improvise with it. Indeed, I feel much more free. Feeling freedom in piano playing: a new experience for me!

Robijn has also taught me the motto: practise, analyse and improvise at the same time. In this way practising has become a great pleasure. I still learn every day. It brings me further than I had ever thought. And most important, I enjoy it so much more.”

Roos Bosman, lawyer