Everyone can learn how to improvise

Why music?

Music is amazing. Music can lift you up and give you energy, it can touch you and comfort you, it can calm you down and heal you. Music can make you feel happy.


Three ways

You can experience music in three different ways. You can…

… listen to music via a cd or via Spotify: that can already have a great impact on you;

… listen to others who make live music: this can have an even greater impact;

… make music yourself: that one can have the biggest impact, and it definitely can be an experience full of tremendous joy.

moeder leert haar zoon moeiteloos musiceren

My mission

“It is my mission to let you experience

the great joy of making music yourself and

the immense joy of improvisation” 


Many people have made attempts to make music themselves. Often, however – and in my opinion too often – these attempts lead to a feeling of disappointment. They experience stress, pressure to perform and a feeling of guilt (“I should have practiced more”) – instead of freedom, happiness and effortlessness. Many people do have the conviction that you can only experience effortlessness and flow while making music, if you have practiced at least half an hour a day during many years. However, this conviction turns out not to be true…

Innovative teaching method

At the Improvisation Academy we follow an unique, new method on how to learn to make music. Because of this method, you can experience effortlessness and flow from the very first lesson. We do this by ‘Tone diving’®: a way to connect with your tone from the very first beginning onward.

On this moment, we are working hard to fulfill an English translation of the book Tone diving (currently only available in Dutch…) Also, we are working on a video in which the essence of Tone diving is explained in a suitable way, in English.

If you are interested in receiving an e-mail when the book and/or the video is ready, please do send an e-mail to [email protected].

man musiceert moeiteloos op zijn gitaar tijdens een improvisatie

About me

robijn tilanus schrijft over haar ervaring rondom musiceren

When I was seven years old, my family bought a piano. I immediately fell in love with it. I started to improvise and compose. I was allowed to take piano lessons and learned to read notes. I dreamed of going to the conservatory later. However, it turned out differently…

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My music

robijn tilanus tijdens haar optreden

I perform regularly, and that’s what I love doing. I prefer to play in my own style when I’m improvising. Influences of classical music and minimal music can be recognized, with a touch of salsa, pop, jazz, tango, reggae and African.

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